What the heck is a badgery? - Well it's a completely made up word. Simply put, it is a place where badges are made. You know... a creamery makes butter, a brewery makes beer. We make badges.

Why "beehive"? - Our Dad is a beekeeper and bees and beehives makes sense as a symbol for the awesome community that we are trying to create. So we are going with it.

Why can't I just buy a badge without doing the challenges? - You can. If you want to just buy a badge, we are not going to stop you. But isn't it more fun to do the challenges and share your experiences with a supportive community of awesome people? It's your life. You do you.

Can I get badges for something I have done in the past? - While we congratulate you on all of your past accomplishments, we encourage you to keep moving forward... keep growing. Say for example you've made toast in the past... don't just stop and rest on your toast making laurels. Keep on making toast. Try different bread... try new toppings... become the best toast maker that you can be!