Our Story

We are 3 sisters who want to make the world a better place. Our mission is to inspire and encourage everyday people in pursuit of the best versions of themselves - one goal, one badge, one community at a time.

We are a badgery. We create products, events and experiences centered around our core offering of MERIT BADGES. We are here to celebrate successes, big and small, serious and silly.

We are "gold star junkies". We are in the business of making people feel special. It's not just the badge, it's their telling of the story of how they accomplished their goal to EARN the badge. It's the recognition of a supportive community (at events and online) who celebrate their successes with them. It's the ceremony of receiving a wonderful package in the mail when they see their badge for the first time.

We are "fun ambassadors". At the heart of it, our purpose is to help people have fun, live in the moment and appreciate the joy in life.

We are community builders. Our events, products and online social community are all designed to bring people together to celebrate accomplishments, courage, kindness and the pursuit of fun.